Sandrita Photography | NYIP Photo Projects






Unit 1

Practice Selective Focus with depth of fields and show movement with different shutter speeds.


Unit 2

Practice Emphasis on the Subject by repetition, leading lines and framing.

Unit 3

Natural and Artificial lighting, Fist one is near sunset time with light coming from the side, second one is using sunrise light as back lighting, then we got an action portrait under overcast sky. The last two are indoors using my table top studio. First lighting at 45 degs from the right, then adding a silver reflector on the left.

Unit 4

Portraits - different of candid shots, portraits are planned and are meant to represent the best of the subject. For this homework, I need, a 3/4" body portrait with window lighting (and a reflector), a head and shoulder portrait using one or two light set up, An indoor location environmental portrait, 3/4" or full body view. A baby or pet or self-portrait and a group or family portrait.

Unit 5

This was a very fun project to complete. Got some animals pics, lots of macro photos and particularly the sports and news photos to debut on the photojournalism field. Here the photos I submitted for evaluation. 

Instructor said WOW! to the macro photo, hope you like it too.